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Ph: +61 3 8560 5111


Bringing together
angels & start-ups.

Where money, ideas and people come together
to make successful businesses.

How it works

Creating a community of 200 angel investors who co-invest in Melbourne’s best-vetted start-ups, providing funding and developing early-stage businesses to build a world-class tech-hub for Australia.


Commercially based
deal team.


Masterclass education


Access to vetted


Start-up accelerator

Our solution

Building a global,
angel investment network

It is our objective to create a powerful start-up ecosystem that can be replicated around the world.

The Problem
  1. Currently in Melbourne there is an Angel Seed Capital shortfall of $40 Million AUD.
  2. Our current Angel community is in its early stages of evolution, its fragmented with very little co-investment and disconnected from Venture Capital and Private Equity providers.
  3. Entrepreneurs need greater support, resources and growth capital to build world class businesses.

Investing $40 million worth of funds into Melbourne start-ups each year, generates $3 billion of economic value, employment increasing and financial benefits. This is only the beginning of Melbourne’s economic potential.

Our Solution

Our objective is to remedy this shortfall by building a community of 200 angel investors who create a pool of $40 million in seed funding, actively co-investing in great ideas and together with supporting enablers and entrepreneurs.

Our Global Vision

Start-ups that make
a difference in the world.

In founding C2 Angels, our vision has always been global. As a company, we decided Melbourne was the best place to build a powerful foundation and business model that could then be replicated across the world.



Being one of the world’s most liveable cities, Melbourne has the opportunity to leverage its unique resources to build a powerful entrepreneurial-driven ecosystem that can complete on a global scale.

Melbourne Chapter

One idea, opportunity
or connection can change everything.

Become part of a community of 200 angel investors,
having access to Melbourne’s best-vetted start-ups.

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