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Angels aren't born,
they're made.

The first essential investment you need to make is in yourself. Each dollar invested in your personal development will yield significant returns by reducing your chance of making mistakes and empowering you to achieve your goals.

C2 Angels membership is designed to take you on a journey from being an Aspirational Angel Investor through to a sophisticated Investor that has developed a high value portfolio of startup/scale up investments.

Angels provide capital for a business start-up at an early stage, when most investors are not prepared to back them, usually in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity.


From amateur
to expert

Best-of-kind structured learning and mentoring program.

C2 Angels are dedicated to making this journey easier through our Masterclass Program. This program provides you with the tools and knowledge required to successfully become a masterful angel investor.



Australia is our first stop on our journey to create a powerful angel network.

We have been active in Melbourne since 2018. Now, in 2020, we are starting to reach out to the other major capital cities and selected regional areas around the country.


Melbourne chapter
guiding outcomes

  • Develop Chapter of 200 angel members
  • Build learning frameworks to empower angels
  • Deliver above benchmark results for our members

  • Create quality deal-flow of investment opportunities
  • Provide mentorship for emerging founders
  • Offer accelerator programs from Micro to IPO
Who are we looking for?
  • Chapter leaders and team members
  • iVentures studio creatives
  • Members/Angel Investors in all states
  • Other Sophisticated investors and fund managers
  • Founders and startups
  • Incubators, Accelerators and co-working spaces
  • Talent to develop start-up portfolios
  • Corporate partners
  • Local, State & Federal agencies
What we offer
  • Thorough investment screening
  • Solves validated industry problem
  • Approved by Investment Committee
  • Structured investment management
  • Expert-vetted projects
  • Strategically balanced portfolios
  • Masterclass education programs
  • Industry expert panel
  • Personal development strategy


8 elements

The first essential investment you need to make is in yourself. 

Our Angel Masterclass program is designed to fast-track the establishment of aspiring angel investors and to further educate and develop existing angels.


Our chapter team

John Weste
John Weste



John has over 30 years’ of international business experience as an executive with some of the world’s leading consulting and advisory firms, having lived and worked throughout Asia and Europe over 20 year period. John now works developing businesses, seeking to build companies from seed capital to become globally competitive as Partner at C2 Angels

Carolyn Blythe
Carolyn Blythe



Carolyn possesses a BA Hons, PGCE (Hons), LLB. Prior to C2 Angels, Carolyn was a practicing Lawyer in Australia. She has held senior domestic and international positions in the sectors of health, journalism, pharmaceutical, and education. Having exposure to multiple industries, Carolyn now works as an Associate within the C2 Angels team.

Paul Jansz
Paul Jansz

Network Development Manager


Paul’s experience in the start-up world ranges from raising capital for start-ups, to being a representative on investment committees, to heading up a start-up based in Los Angeles that was selected to be a part of a Microsoft Accelerator Program in London, to know being on the Leadership Team for C2 Angels & Ventures.

Maria Magadia
Maria Magadia



Having worked five years as a Marketing Professional, Maria has a Master’s degree in Marketing Management, leading marketing, brand awareness and lead generation at C2 Angels. Maria manages the day-to-day operations by implementing the marketing strategy across all channels aimed to generate pipeline opportunities.


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