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A person who has a vetted business idea and is seeking funding.

C2 Angels aims to fast-track your path to success, through our Angel ecosystem: C2 Angels, iVentures Studio, Micro 2IPO Accelerator program and C2 Capitals integrated capital runway.

Many business owners fail along the way, whether it’s the wrong idea, timing or lack of funding. However, failure can be the best learning experience you have, directing you down a path of success.


Mirco 2IPO

Micro 2IPO is a business accelerator program designed to fast-track our portfolio companies to scale for success.

This structured program is part of the iVentures Studio/C2 Angles platform. It aims to develop members of each cohort until their businesses become part of our investment portfolio and put on the integrated capital runway.


What we
offer founders

Get access to a powerful support network, turning your ideas into successful businesses.

–  Angel investors
–  Mentoring and consulting
–  Incubator hubs
–  Masterclass programs
–  Networking opportunities


We are dedicated to
solving the capital problem

Continually finding funding, is no mean feat for founders.

Throughout each stage and investor class, regardless of the different needs, lack of funding is an ongoing obstacle in a disconnected system. Founders have no experience in raising capital nor do they have the connections to do so. This is why C2 Angels, along with C2 Capital is building an integrated capital runway that can take a Founder from incubation stage through to high-value exit.


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Business Pack

Receive a business information pack


Meet with a C2 Angels representative


Attend free networking events


Become part
of the community

Become part of a community of 200 angel investors,
having access to Melbourne’s best-vetted start-ups.

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