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Integrated Vertical Farming Solutions

Our client is committed to becoming the largest Australian-based builder and operator of indoor vertical farming systems with fully controlled climate, automated IoT, high-volume, and modular systems.


They also plan to be an integral partner in the worldwide move to guaranteeing year-round pollution-free, traceable fresh produce for high-density markets.


Our client’s business model focuses on the following core elements/ solutions:


  • Improved local supply of sufficient quality food to large cities in emerging countries,
  • GMO-free plants with minimal exposure to pesticides through pollution-free inputs,
  • 95% less water consumption versus traditional farming, closed-loop water systems and bio-degradable packaging,
  • Innovative, automated, AI, modular, state-of-the-art technologies,
  • Vertical farms located where the customers are minimising food mileage,
  • CO2 neutral facility with co-generation through turbines (chilling power, water management and heating power) – further reduction through solar and hydrogen power.Provide financial support enabling women to start and run their own business, creating livelihood for themselves and their families.

    Use of Funds Pilot site, technology enhancements, global off-take agreements, team acquisition, working capital, market expansion, site identification and acquisition (notably China).
    Customers Major international wholesale and retail food and logistics companies with particular focus on Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.
    Competition Other vertical farming companies in the US, Scandinavia, and Japan.
    Strategic Partners Major international research and technology companies centred around farming systems, renewable energy, water management systems, plant systems, and logistics.
    Market overview

    The production of food around the globe continues to be plagued by low productivity, water quality and quantity shortages, exposure to pesticides and pollution, packaging waste, food waste, high CO2 emissions and distribution problems to high-density populations.

    • Industry

      AgTech/ FoodTech

    • Est.


    • Stage

      Start-Up (Seed)

    • Raise

      A$0.5M (Co-investors in Singapore)

    • Business Model

      Fully integrated technology-based model from source to point of sale.

    • People

      Management team lead by an executive with over 20 years’ experience across Asia in the AgTech industry (CEO).

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