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Ph: +61 3 8560 5111

Libertas Fund

Libertas’ vision is to help its investment recipients break free from the experience of poverty, working with women and children to create change in their community and empower them to escape the old cycle.


Our objectives:


  • Provide financial support enabling women to start and run their own business, creating livelihood for themselves and their families.
  • Delivering education to recipients so that they can develop the mindset and capabilities to create financial independence.

    Total investment range to get to market


    Initial platform build/MVP

    Go to market to build fund



    Total milestone 1 funding

    $50,000 (C2 Capital funded)

    $50,000 to be funded through our community

    Opportunities Talent
    This investment will then allow Libertas to create its project 1,000 fund and attract the AUD$500,000.
    Market overview

    Libertas' mission is to help women who are living below the poverty line. The initial objective for Libertas is to create "Project 1,000". This initiative endeavours to free 1,000 people from the experience of poverty. We will need to create a fund of AUD $500,000 that can be deployed in structures like Micro-Financing where the funds can be recycled from one recipient to another over time.

    • Startup type

      iVentures Studio startup Social Impact Not-For-Profit Start-up

    • Founding team

      C2 Capital, Ideasworx, Angels & iVentures Studio teams.

    • Address

      iVentures Studio Level 8 606 St Kilda Rd Melbourne

    • Stage

      Branding completed Structures being set-up Domains acquired Fund structures being organised Initial foundation build commenced

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