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Real Estate Buy Now Pay Later Solution

Our client is an online solution designed for real estate vendors to access its buy-now-pay later product thereby enabling them to finance all pre-sale costs associated with the sale of a property – Vendor Paid Advertising (“VPA”).


The loan is then paid out on settlement or at the completion of Section 27. The product has been carefully developed in consultation with many of the leading real estate groups through a series of training and development sessions.


Solution An online product accessible by all vendors (subject to credit clearance) whereby real estate agencies are paid immediately for any activated marketing programs.
Customers Vendors selling their property.
Competition Other BNPL solutions in the marketplace, credit card companies, larger solution providers
Strategic Partners Major real estate groups, debt funding financial institutions, and technology providers.
People Experienced executive team with backgrounds in the banking industry.
Market overview

Large real estate groups have traditionally carried up to 100% of the pre-sale VPA costs from the point of marketing initiation through to settlement thereby placing a huge drain on cash flow and financing resources.

  • Industry


  • Est.


  • Stage

    Start-Up (Now Live)

  • Raise

    A$300K (Co-invest with private investors and industry partners)

  • Use of Funds

    Technology enhancements, talent acquisition, working capital, market roll-out and expansion, expansion of product portfolio into adjacent solutions.

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