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Solar Battery Storage Units

Solar Battery is an Australian company which will design, manufacture, distribute and install Battery Storage units re-purposed in China and assembled in Australia.


The bulk of the design work will be coordinated in China and Australia with some leading-edge design out of Switzerland. Production has already commenced with distribution to commence in 2020.


Solution A portfolio of lower-cost, high specification battery storage units that are superior to other offerings in the marketplace – product portfolio can address the requirements of residential, industrial and commercial customers with “right-sized” product offerings. Products can be made available globally due to technology platforms.
Customers All property owners seeking to significantly reduce energy costs – residential, industrial and commercial.
Competition Tesla, Shell/ Sohnen.
Strategic Partners Manufacturing partners, Government, Distributors and Installers, Legal and IP Firms, Marketing Firms and Technology providers.
Use of Funds Technology enhancements and final certifications, talent acquisition, distribution infrastructure agreements, working capital, domestic and international market expansion, product design enhancement and development.
Market overview

Current battery storage products available in the market are expensive (even with subsidies), hard to install, subject to production changes, and slightly outdated.

  • Industry

    Smart Cities/ Renewables (Battery Storage)

  • Est.


  • Stage

    Start-Up (seed – assembly market-ready)

  • Raise

    A$1.7M (Co-investment with PE firm and Family Offices)

  • People

    Lead by industry experts in the renewables sector in both Australia and Switzerland

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