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Technology-based Real Estate Platform

Our client is a peer-to-peer, cloud-based platform “platform as a service” that enables committed vendors to connect directly with pre-qualified buyers in order to facilitate a real estate transaction. The platform is a unique business model that leverages state-of-art-technologies and a community of partners involved in the complete transaction process.


Importantly, the entire process addresses many of the common problems experienced by vendors and buyers in the marketplace: lack of transparency, poor communications and customer service, ambiguous valuations, expensive advertising and marketing programs, agency commissions, and elongated time on market.


Solution A peer to peer (PaaS) platform that enables vendors to engage directly with potential buyers, with fully integrated transaction support enabled by smart technologies and online services. Platform is fully transportable across international lines with US and European expansion planned in the next 2 years.
Customers Vendors selling their property and buyers wanting to bypass real estate agents.
Competition Real estate agencies, other less-sophisticated DIY platforms, buyer and vendor advocates, cut-price “light touch” agency models.
Strategic Partners Marketing platforms for real estate (REA, Domain), Legal Firms, Conveyancing Firms, Valuation Firms, Marketing Firms and Technology providers.
People Highly credentialed management team and board with over 60 years’ experience in the real estate and technology/ software industries.
Market overview

Traditional agency-based real estate sales models are outdated, lack transparency, inefficient, costly and time-consuming.

  • Industry

    FinTech/ WealthTech

  • Est.


  • Stage

    Start-Up/ Scale-Up (Now Live)

  • Raise


  • Business Model

    Fully integrated, cloud-based PaaS platform with full integration to all sales/ buyer support providers.

  • People

    Technology enhancements, execution of marketing programs, talent retention and acquisition, working capital, market expansion.

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