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The Gamechanger Program


Angel investing takes courage, conviction and commitment. This is not a short term play. For those who see opportunities in uncertaintity and solutions rather than problems, informed and active Angel Investing is lifechanging. It serves not only to enhance your personal growth, but that of the economy and society as we know it today.

How fast could your capital grow if you had acces to gamechanging principles and individuals funding the world’s best startups? This isn’t just another course, this is live hands-on training. After working with hundreds of entrepreneurs and investors, everything about The Gamechangers has been meticulously crafted to give you the highest chance of success. It’s an unparalleled growth journey that has been refined based on methodologies from the best in the business.Not only do you get access to success mentors and the most up to date, results-focused investment data in the world, learn the fundamentals to C2 Angels Investor Principles, Build a Wealth Mindset and Develop a Portfolio Strategy.

Register now to speak with an Angel Associate to see if you have what it takes to access this unique opportunity.

6th November 2020
12:00PM ( 3.0 Hours )

The Gamechanger Program

Eleni Nott and Brandon Burns
C2 Capital


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